Felt fairy lights…

Okay, so I was supposed to have made these and had them up for Christmas…but I was making things for other people which took precedence.  Today I had a spare five minutes to finish them off and I really love them.

Felt fairy lights

Felt fairy lights

Felt fairy lights

08.01.13 008

They don’t add to your electricity bills either. Hooray!   x


If you go down to the dining room today…

Today was the last day of the holiday and I wanted to do something special for when Mr T got home from nursery.  I thought a teddy bear’s picnic would be just the thing…

Indoor picnic

Indoor picnic

May as well make use of the Christmas tree!

Indoor picnic

I had to hide the strawberries in the teapot otherwise Thom wouldn’t eat any of the savoury food…

Indoor picnic

Indoor picnic

After diner we lit our fire and I read a story about robots.  Thom got a bit distracted towards the end and went to play with the washing machine buttons.  Pickle stayed until the end of the story.  Washing machine buttons don’t appeal to him quite so much.

Indoor picnic

Crafty Christmas 2012…

Well, it’s been a very busy and wonderful year as well as being the most difficult and rewarding…it’s nearly at its close.  Time for one final blog before we move into 2013…

I made quite a lot of things for people for Christmas presents this year, half of which I forgot to take pictures of, but here are a few bits and pieces I did remember to snap.

Firstly I found a good use for some of our many wine corks.  I made them into stamps! cork 003

I then made the stamps into Christmas cards for Baby Polly and Oliver.  The bodies of the robins were printed using half cut potatoes.  I don’t think I’ve done a potato print since my age reached double figures!

 Baby's first Christmas cards

I made Christmas tree decorations for Polly and Joe

 Robin tree decorations

I made a picture of Simon Armitage for Mrs Armitage using a sample paint pot of her feature walls, canvas and a map of Sheffield

 Simon Armitage

I made my Panda Bear a fabric picture of one of her favourite Jeffrey Lewis songs/lyrics “Don’t be upset”

 Jeffrey Lewis

“Don’t be upset it’s only an octopus
Don’t bother it and I’m sure it won’t bother us.”

 Jeffrey Lewis

I made the background from my old summer dress, the octopus is made of felt and his embellishments are some sequins from the back of one of my skirts…I’m pretty sure no-one will notice that some are missing…

I also made Mrs Moz some design your own Morrissey shoes…

 Morrissey shoes

Morrissey shoes

Morrissey shoes

I’m very excited about this coming year, I feel it will have greatness in it.  Thank you for all of your support and kind words throughout 2012…I hope you all have a wonderful New Year.  Looking forward to seeing you in 2013 xxx

The Pop-Up Story Centre…

I am very excited to be taking part in a wonderful project.  Ms Moz asked me if I would be interested in producing some work/ideas for group work for The Pop-Up Story Centre in Rotherham.  The idea of the project is to create….” A ‘pop-up’ magical story centre to create new opportunities families, parents, grandparents, children, volunteers, and young people.  This story centre will provide a base for Rotherham people to come along and share stories, publish work, learn about illustrating and story telling.”

 I was highly honoured when the lady behind the project took at look at some of things I have been making recently and deemed them of a high enough standard to join the scheme.

The first theme of the Pop-Up Story Centre is a Dickensian one, focusing on stories with a Victorian feel and incorporating elements of the Christmas Carol on the lead up to Christmas.  I didn’t really know a great deal about Charles Dickens, so I did a little bit of research to see what I could be inspired into making.  I came across his last words….”On the ground” which were a response to his daughter’s request that he lie down after suffering a stroke.  I thought about what the shop might need…I decided that all shops need a door mat, and one that says “On the ground” would be pretty neat indeed…so here it is…On the ground

 I tried to bleach the words onto the mat at first, but it wasn’t taking, so I resorted to acrylics and I’m really pleased with the result.

I didn’t entirely understand what the project was about until I watched the following Ted Talk with Ms Moz.  He explains it all rather better than I could!  The Rotherham project has these ideas at it’s heart, but done on a local scale and with more art/textiles etc included… http://www.ted.com/talks/dave_eggers_makes_his_ted_prize_wish_once_upon_a_school.html

You can find more information on the project at


I’m really looking forward to supporting this…how exciting! x



Batman baubles…

The Sparklist and Ron Burgundy have a lovely glittering Christmas tree.  I wanted to make them something for Christmas and given our mutual love for The Caped Crusader it seemed obvious to make these…



The photography is courtesy of The Sparklist as I am a goof and forgot to take pictures of them in my excitement to hand them over.  This means I also do not have a picture of the cute presentation box I made.  Ho ho ho hum

Next year I shall attempt to make more Superhero baubles for the Button Clan to keep.  Green Hulk, Red Spiderman and, as Ron Burgundy suggested, Ironman as he is red AND gold!  A perfect candidate to baublefy


On a separate note, JC is escaping from Alcatraz.  It’s no secret that he loves F Scott Fitzgerald’s Great Gatsby, so I made him this card.  The letters are cut out from a photocopy I made from my copy of the book

17.11.12 004

17.11.12 003

I hope you’re all having a lovely run up to the holidays x

Oh I do like to be beside the sofa…

I’ve had an idea to build a beach in our living room for a while now, and today it finally all came together….

It’s surprising how many seaside-type-things we already had…a lovely stripy deckchair, wind up crabs, turtles and fish, water themed toys that blow bubbles and sing and a bright yellow towel…the rest I made or bought.  I think the whole thing including buying a bucket, spade, yellow blanket and one and a half metres of pebble floor covering came to well under £10.

I put the sofa cushions on the floor and covered half with a blue sheet and half with a yellow blanket.  Thom loves to throw himself onto the cushions.  We call it “Flumping”.  I put a yellow towel across the smaller sofa and created a sand dune.  I bought a plastic spade for £1 and sand castle buckets for £1.50

I made cut out shells and oysters

And a sandcastle made out of sandpaper

I made a souvenir shop out of an old Amazon box

And made postcards with backs you can wipe clean so I can use a board marker when we’re helping Thom learn to write in years to come

Our larger sofa became our Pleasure Pier

The Pier included a Ticket Office

With Punch and Judy show

A Fish and Chip shop

I printed off some newsprint so that Thom wouldn’t get mucky hands and wrapped in around some paper cups we had left over from his birthday party

And an amusement arcade

I pushed holes through an apple box with a knitting needle and pushed our Christmas tree lights through them.  I painted the box black so the lights would look even brighter.

I decided to add a little fun fair and tattoo parlour to complete our pier

I know all of this clearly indicates I have employment issues…but at least Thom got some more wear out of his sun hat…

I thought it would be fun to make a message in a bottle

I tried to think of what my S.O.S message would say and all could think of was this…

After we had played for a while to a background of barrel organ music we went for some food

Me, Pickle, Moo-Ma and Moo-Pa had chips, veggie pasties, peas and fishless fingers

Thommy had roughly the same, but with steamed sweet potato chips

After diner we visited the tattoo parlour.  At first I was quite restrained…

It says “Born to read”  Then I got a bit carried away…

I took Pickle down with me

We were trying to arm wrestle, but we just ended up holding hands…

We dressed Thom in his “Catch of the Day” onesie and his sunshine dribble bib

He looked like such a big boy on the deckchair…

As night fell the pier looked even prettier…

We had such a lovely day!  Can’t wait to take Thom to a real seaside!


Morrissey For Life…

Mrs Moz took her dedication to her husband one step further and declared her undying love for him in tattoo format.  She had this design tattooed on her foot.

As part of her birthday present I decided to make the design out of felt for her and frame it.


It was wonderful fun to make and I would now like to leave my library job and go into making people’s tattoos out of felt as a full time job x