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From Leeds to Sheffield (A Love Story)

Sheffield run an artist’s book prize and this year I thought I’d have a go at making a submission.  When Pickle and I were first dating he would spend all of his money to get from Leeds to Sheffield to see me and we accumulated a large number of spent train tickets.  I thought I’d stick them all together to make pages, and then draw on them in permanent marker.  After spending so long making the pages themselves, I was quite frightened of putting such an unforgiving pen to the pages, but it worked out okay in the end.  I had written a poem to accompany the illustrations, but I like it being just pictures.

Front CoverLeeds to Sheffield - A love Story 001

Page OneLeeds to Sheffield - A love Story 002

Page Two Leeds to Sheffield - A love Story 003

Page Three Leeds to Sheffield - A love Story 004

Page Four Leeds to Sheffield - A love Story 005

Page FiveLeeds to Sheffield - A love Story 006

Page Six Leeds to Sheffield - A love Story 007

All of the tickets on the cover are single tickets; the rest of the book is made out of two part returns.

As I was going to submit the book I realised that there is a charge, so I’m not entirely sure if I will submit it or not, but either way I think it will be something nice to give to Thom when he’s a lot older…a little love story of how his mummy and daddy got together… x


Holding onto love…

Moo-Ma and Moo-Pa have a new home, a lovely small house near to their friends.  They asked me to paint a picture for them and so we set about looking online for inspiration.  I mentioned a painter I like, Mackenzie Thorpe, and whilst searching through his many beautiful paintings Moo-Pa came across Holding onto Love.

 Holding onto Love

He really liked it and asked if I could change the colour scheme and a few bits and pieces…and this is the finished piece…

 Holding onto Love

It’s been a while since I got the oil paints out (roughly three years) so I was a bit nervous but I really enjoyed it.  Thank you to Miss Molly who gave me all of her oil paints a few months ago x

The Chronicles of Camm Street…

Today we decided it would be a wonderful day to visit Narnia…so we did!

 Me and Pickle emptied out our wardrobe and moved it into the lounge.  Inside we hung our dressing gowns as fur coats and made a dressing up/reading area.  The Christmas tree made another appearance!

 Narnia Day 009

Narnia Day 002

Narnia Day 025

I made an Aslan mask.  I got the template from The Magical World of Narnia by Brian Sibley and drew the face on.  There are lots of brilliant activities in the book but they are mostly for older children

Narnia Day 003

The Sparklist and Ron Burgundy let us borrow their Christmas tree for the day for our White Witch’s Kingdom

 Narnia Day 004

I got a fruit crate from Morrisons, painted it black and put cushions and blankets inside.  I attached a lantern  and filled it with battery powered fairy lights.

 Narnia Day 007

Narnia Day 016

It made a nice bed for Moo-Cat who was our Aslan for the day

 Narnia Day 008

I dressed up as the White Witch

Narnia Day 033

Narnia Day 029

I made a lamp-post so we could find our way back to Spare Oom and War Drobe

Narnia Day 058

We had lunch with Mr Tumnus

 Narnia Day 037

“And really it was a wonderful tea.  There was a nice brown egg, lightly boiled, for each of them, and then sardines on toast, and then buttered toast, and then toast with honey, and then a sugar topped cake.”

Moo-Pa quickly sketched a portrait of an old Faun with a grey beard to put on the mantelpiece over the fire.

 Narnia Day 039

We re-spined some of our books with titles Mr Tumnus has in his little cave and added a little pile of his brown paper parcels.

 Narnia Day 034

After lunch we went to play in the snow and Moo-Ma made a miniature snowman

Narnia Day 041

Narnia Day 050

We then went inside to warm up.  We coloured in some pictures of Mr Tumnus and Lucy before we all got a bit kippy and had a nap.

 Narnia Day 055

Narnia Day 056

I made a wipe-able dinner mat of a map of Narnia and instead of Turkish Delight we ate rather too many Snowball chocolates (I had meant to save some for you Pickle, sorry!)

Narnia Day 031

Narnia Day 032

We made some fancy paper snowflakes

Narnia Day 010

And we’re now off to watch the film and play before we have tea with Mr and Mrs Beaver.  What a fab day!

Narnia Day 048edit

Father’s Day…

Its Pickle’s first Father’s Day and we’ve had a lovely day eating cake and seeing friends.  This year I made a total of three cards (with the help of Thommy) two of which are pictured here…

This one was made for Single Malt Monkey, Pickle’s Dad.  He’s a big Grateful Dead fan…

This one was for Pickle.  It’s a line drawing of the first picture he had taken of him and Thommy when Thom was born.

The third card I made was for my dear Moo-Pa and I was helped by Thom.  We forgot to take pictures but Thom used one of the rainbow stars from his wall display.

Alka-Seltzer Man…

Last night me, Pickle and Mrs Armitage had a lovely evening and drank a little too much wine.  Today I have spent the day designing Alka-Seltzer Man.  Here he is…

He is dedicated to Wizzbuff, who gave me the idea this morning.  Although he doesn’t Kappppow!  He does Fizzzzzz!

Sketches of my sweetheart the midget drunk…

This is my first quick sketch of Thom…it’s the first sketch I’ve done in a number of years and I’m quite pleased with it.

I’m trying to build up the courage to do a nice big oil painting, maybe in a year or two when I can squirrel myself away for a couple of days on my own and really get down to business.  I do love oils, they are so forgiving.  I can change my mind two or three days after painting something and it just lets you work back into it.  I miss the smell of them too.  I found myself unscrewing the cap of a raw umber the other day and having a really big sniff….ahhhh.  Not the nicest of smells by any stretch of the imagination, but it ticks a box in my brain that no other smell does.  The possibility of an idea fulfilled.