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On the farm…

I have been a poorly one all week, so we thought about what would cheer me up and what would make Thom grin and we decided to have….


On Saturday we visited Heeley City Farm. It was the first time we had visited and it will certainly not be our last. It was brilliant!  It is a wind and sun powered mini farm and provides environmental, health, food and farming education to school children and visitors.  It does incrediable community work.  For more information please visit their website and/or read their Wiki…

Farm Weekend

The staff were really friendly and we got to say a close up hello to a happy chicken

Farm Weekend

The chickens and cockerels were Thom’s favourite animals, although he liked the noises the pigs made and did a very good impression of them.

Farm Weekend

We were lucky to see this peacock fan his tail feathers

Farm Weekend

Thom liked it when mummy and baby nuzzled

Farm Weekend

The setting of Heeley City Farm is really pretty.

We had a very yummy snack at the farm’s vegetarian and vegan café

vegetarian and vegan café

Luckily Thom is happy to share

Farm Weekend

He liked sitting in the tractor…

Farm Weekend

And playing in the park…

Farm Weekend

Farm Weekend

This farm is free to visit and the cafe is very affordable.  Thom was so happy he said his second ever two word sentence…”Bob-Bye Chickens”

The next day we carried on our theme, with apricot wheats for breakfast…they look like mini hay bales…Again, we had quite a lot of farm themed toys and puzzles, so I put them altogether in our lounge for a few hours of fun…

Farm weekend

We have some beautifully hand knitted and crocheted fruits and vegetables that Mrs Moz and Grandma Needles made for Thom….The banana even has a zip!  I popped them in a crate for our little Farmer’s market

Farm Weekend

We had farm related books and puzzles…

Farm Weekend

I made cards with words and pictures of animals for Thom to play with, and plastic backed fruits and veggies…

Farm Weekend

The hen house…

Farm Weekend

The sheep pen (with Mooie the cow)

Farm Weekend

I made a cow shed for Mooie out of a Huggies wipes box, made cow patterned bunting and used Thom’s JCB toy as a tractor…

Farm Weekend

We had a lovely tea, with fresh fruits and vegetables (and pizza….)

Farm Weekend

Farm Weekend

Farm Weekend

Thom loved his corn…

Farm Weekend

Then we read books, sang Old MacDonald, looked back through our farm photographs from the day before and watched Baby Einstein- Old MacDonald until bedtime…

Farm Weekend

Farm Weekend

Hoorah for fun on the farm x


Tonight Matthew we are going to be, Duncan and Janie!

It was mine and Pickle’s two year anniversary on February 15th, and what a busy two years it has been!  As much as we would have loved to spend it with our beautiful little boy, we thought if any day should be spent just the two of us, it was that day….so we left our mummy and daddy hats at home (as well as young Master Thom…thanks Grandma), let down our hair (Well, Pickle left his hair band in…but you get the idea) and embarked upon a journey of art, booze and being Duncan and Jane again.


We had cupcakes and Pimms and lemonade on the train…I mean, it’s only going to go uphill from all that sugar!


The Hepworth gallery was brilliant.  I have always been inspired by her and her work especially her work with wood, paint and string.  I long for a space in which I could work.  I was even eyeing up the bendy framed greenhouses in Wilkinsons…a place of ones own…bliss…


Pickle was a sweetie and spoilt me rotten.  One of my lovely gifts was a hip flask inscribed with the words “I love you Little Moon” I dutifully filled it full of yum…I mean rum.  In not wanting Pickle to feel left out we filled a Tommee Tippee bottle with yet more rum.  We renamed this particular bottle (which is now obviously out of Thommy’s bottle circulation)Duncan’s Tommee Tipple Bottle.  As he nearly popped to tell me, “Thom’s here in spirit!” How I love you Pickle tray…here’s to another wonderful two years… then two more…then two more…then two more…repeat…repeat…repeat x

Don’t drink don’t smoke what do ya do?

When thinking of a “fun” evening, my mind automatically lights up with all manner of boozy do options….but what about if you are up early the next day or are fed up of having a thick head and a tongue you need to shave?  Where can you get fun that doesn’t come in a pretty bottle with a pretty “thunk” noise when you take out his cork?  Separating recreation from rioja should not be a surgical operation…this weekend in an attempt to stay above the influence and yet still do stuff, I have participated in the following…

One)  A walk in the peaks with Lily Elf

Me and Lily Elf took a trip straight after school on Friday and stacked some mileage between us and working life.  The grizzly grey day cleared up and we drove high chasing a sunset.  It was beautiful.  We had little chilly faces and hot hat heads and we scrambled over rocks, took pictures and looked for beasties in rock pools.

Two) A picnic in our lounge

By the time me and Lily got back it was getting dark.  The temperature really dropped and it was grizzly again…however, I wanted a picnic… Pickle did not disappoint by agreeing once more to my whimsies.


Three) Extremely naughty breakfast


One Cadbury’s Crème Egg and as many Cadbury’s fingers as you can manage to dip in and nom nom before you feel truly wronged…I managed a lot…


Four) Robby bubbly

Pickle has bought a bottle of “Robby bubbly” a non alcoholic bubbly strawberry flavoured drink from Netto with an interesting label… I’m not sure how the hedgehog got into that particular situation, but he looks positively happy about it…

Five) Hold a World Book Night Event 

When we heard that the catering would be a problem and that the books had not arrived at our collection point and the suppliers were 500 books short, we began to wonder if we had invited sixty plus people for no food and no books.  What a party!  We were afraid we would look like prize idiots and considered choreographing a brief dance routine whilst Mrs Penis Penis’ husband The Celt gently walked around using his counselling skills to support disenchanted students.  However, the catering came good and looked brilliant and the books arrived just as our first guests did!  We hurriedly pasted book plates into copies of Philip Pullman’s Northern Lights and managed to compose ourselves adequately enough to chat to our wonderful guests before being made pleasantly self-conscious by the presentation of a pretty bunch of flowers a piece *blush* 

And the weekend is still young!  Whatever will booze-free Button do next?  Suggestions welcome x

The Happy Sundays (And Saturdays…)

Saturday started off somewhat wobbly after what turned into a well coordinated hand to mouth evening in the pub the night before, which continued into a less well coordinated Button making a fantastic example of how one can find chairs and tables perfectly with ones hips and knees.  I may have made Space Cowboy and Fingerbobs listen to my iPod, I may have sang quite a bit, I may have left the house with Miss Cake and the Pickle, but non of these things I remember…I do remember laughing a lot.

So, Saturday morning called for a fixer breakfast…one fried egg bagel, packet of crisps and some peanuts topped off with lots of chocolate…sugar and salt please…a nice strong coffee and then ready to face the day, which turned out to be amazing!

Me and Lily Elf drove off to the Peaks.  We went for a lovely long trek around Ladybower and I got to use the walking shoes that Mrs Penis Penis gave to me.  They fit and are lovely and warm, but I found them to be quite slippery…Lily told me what she always tells me, and which is very good advice…trust your feet…

The views were absolutely beautiful… I really need to get out more and appreciate how lucky I am to live five minutes from all of this…

It also makes me want want want a better camera, although once again, little point and clicky did good.

After a slightly tricky hop skip and slip back down the hill (Lily Elf showed a tremendous lack of complaint with me shuffling on my bottom at one point) she then showed me her lovely new house and friendly housemate…very homely and cosy…we ate pizza and cherry pie and drank lemonade because that’s exactly the kind of thing you can and should do in such a welcoming house.  Definitely a cherry pie house… 

Sunday saw poor Pickle lamenting the fact that the pool he was hoping to take a dip in is closed until March.  Me and Mrs Armitage had no such excuse to skip our exercise class, and we worked hard for an hour with chats and giggles in between… I then felt virtuous enough to have a large helping of butternut squash risotto and later will probably feel more than righteous enough to try the caramel cream Bailey’s that Mrs Armitage so kindly treated us to…ooooh, don’t mind if I do…..


What a wonderful weekend we had!  Mrs Penis Penis gave me and the Pickle free tickets to Lun-da-dun-don and back including a lift from The Celt to the train station…what a treat!  Unfortunately one of her elderly relatives had put her back out feeding the dog… it’s a shame when someone’s loss turns out to be your gain, but I can’t say I wasn’t excited about the whole trip.

We pottered around enjoying the change of scenery… went to the Tate Modern and was inspired to make more things next year…we attempted a romantic stroll across the bridge which was interrupted and hastened by a thousand Father Christmases…Eeek… then we caught a squashy tube to Camden and had all-you-can-nom vegetarian Chinese…. Ohm nom nom…we waddled out a stone heavier and pottered for a bit longer before inevitably landing in a pub and meeting up with Pickle’s delightful friends….it was an all too brief encounter, but no less charming for its time limitations.

Back on the train with Mrs Penis Penis and friends and nomming on a Chilli chocolate cookie kindly supplied by Average White Boy, we swigged on a bottle of brown and relaxed.  A change really is as good as a rest and I arrived back in Sheffield feeling most smiley.  We decided to get more smiley by having another pint or two in town.  Mrs Penis Penis took us to a pub we had never been to before and both me and Pickle proceeded to drunkenly talk at the poor thing for the duration of the evening…  

Fun, fun, with an extra dollop of fun, grated fun on top and put in a fun assisted oven for forty minutes….


 On a free day away

They came together

A gaggle of Santas

A Santageddon

Across the bridge

They marched with a chant

Whilst we had crossed it

For romance

We thought their number

Meant a protest

Yet it was beer

They came to digest

But it’s more our kiss

I will remember

Over Chrispocalypse

In our best December

Painting with light…

The night before last I went to Mr Rubik’s house for tea with Pickle. He was a most hospitable host and we had a lovely evening. The glasses of wine I enjoyed, good company and general change of scenery seem to have done the trick to brush away the ill blues… today I felt as light as the snow that fell upon me…

It also inspired me to save up for a very good camera… I took some pictures last weekend when me, Mrs Armitage and Lily Elf went to the seaside for Lily Elf’s birthday. It was such a lovely day… I had been so poorly and had hardly left the house… the sea air was such a tonic…. I took a few pictures, which although pretty, were quite difficult to take as my camera isn’t fancy at all… he’s just a little point and click… I’m still happy with them though, despite the wobble…


This is where we had our tea… the famous Magpie Café! But veggies beware…The chips are meaty!  I did enjoy a huge vegetarian cottage pie though… ohm nom nom… and we had free entertainment, kindly provided by a collapsed rambler… we think it was just a trick so he could jump the queue…  


Happy happy day beside the sea….

Other good things that happened today whilst landlocked:

• I completed The Star (Sheffield, not mucky booby Star) Sudoku

• Had a crisp in my packet of Walkers that was puffed out and full of air AND a large folded one

Good stuff

This is Halloween this is Halloween…

Well, what a holiday it has been… catching up with friends and catching up with sleep… I seem to have fallen behind again with both already though… so hard to find the time for the fun stuff sometimes…

Friday night was our little Halloween party which turned out to be lots of fun!  Highlights of the evening were nearly setting fire to our neighbour’s tree with one of Lilly Elf’s paper lanterns and Sibot getting a free beer in our local pub for having such a fantastic and flashy outfit.  It was nice to dance about with lovely people and consume my own weight in crisps and ale…. Ohm slurp ohm

This was our Halloween fireplace….

I made little felt pumpkins and ghosts to decorate the top of the fireplace…

We had lots of yummy noms….

Pickle made a splendid scarecrow…

And Sibot made such a good robot that the kind people behind the bar of our local decided his efforts were well worth a free pint!  Aces!

Dorothy, Scarecrow, Wicked Witch and Tin man in Oz…. aka Button, Pickle, Mrs Armitage and Sibot in the pub…

And here we all again, acting out more scenes from Oz…but this time Lilly elf joined us, dressed as a Halfbling!

I LOVE Halloween…. I’m looking forward to next year already