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Yo ho ho and a bottle of milk…

We were trying to wait until International talk like a pirate day, but September seemed so very far away and today was so gloomy that we decided to have a Pirate adventure!

Pirate Day

We had a treasure map that led us to the island where we uncovered a chest filled with skeletons, chocolate coins, shiny beads, a goblet and a yukky squidgy skull

Pirate Day

We were pretty hungry by this point, so we stopped for a bite to eat

Pirate Day

Sausage and mash pirate ship and a broccoli boat

Pirate Day

Then we ate a very yummy Pirate pudding

Pirate Day

Mrs Armitage kindly donated the pirate napkins to us and everything we used on the day we already had in our Halloween box, our Christmas box or were free downloadable printouts online.  I printed the signs for our pirate pudding from

After dinner Thom went to the park to play on the pirate ship with Moo-Ma and Moo-Pa and then we played on our island

Pirate Day

Pirate Day

Pirate Day

Our Pirate ship was made from a Morrisons banana box.  We use these quite a bit on our themed days.  Good old Morrisons!

Pirate Day

Pirate Day

But then our ship was overtaken by Old Captain Sea Dog and his band of pirates!  Oh no!  I mean, Shiver me timbers!

Pirate Day

They made us walk the plank!

Pirate Day

Pirate Day

Pirate Day

Luckily we didn’t visit Davy Jones’ Locker but swam safely to shore and cuddled up on the couch to watch The Pirates!  Band of Misfits.  What a grand great adventuaaarrr!


On the farm…

I have been a poorly one all week, so we thought about what would cheer me up and what would make Thom grin and we decided to have….


On Saturday we visited Heeley City Farm. It was the first time we had visited and it will certainly not be our last. It was brilliant!  It is a wind and sun powered mini farm and provides environmental, health, food and farming education to school children and visitors.  It does incrediable community work.  For more information please visit their website and/or read their Wiki…

Farm Weekend

The staff were really friendly and we got to say a close up hello to a happy chicken

Farm Weekend

The chickens and cockerels were Thom’s favourite animals, although he liked the noises the pigs made and did a very good impression of them.

Farm Weekend

We were lucky to see this peacock fan his tail feathers

Farm Weekend

Thom liked it when mummy and baby nuzzled

Farm Weekend

The setting of Heeley City Farm is really pretty.

We had a very yummy snack at the farm’s vegetarian and vegan café

vegetarian and vegan café

Luckily Thom is happy to share

Farm Weekend

He liked sitting in the tractor…

Farm Weekend

And playing in the park…

Farm Weekend

Farm Weekend

This farm is free to visit and the cafe is very affordable.  Thom was so happy he said his second ever two word sentence…”Bob-Bye Chickens”

The next day we carried on our theme, with apricot wheats for breakfast…they look like mini hay bales…Again, we had quite a lot of farm themed toys and puzzles, so I put them altogether in our lounge for a few hours of fun…

Farm weekend

We have some beautifully hand knitted and crocheted fruits and vegetables that Mrs Moz and Grandma Needles made for Thom….The banana even has a zip!  I popped them in a crate for our little Farmer’s market

Farm Weekend

We had farm related books and puzzles…

Farm Weekend

I made cards with words and pictures of animals for Thom to play with, and plastic backed fruits and veggies…

Farm Weekend

The hen house…

Farm Weekend

The sheep pen (with Mooie the cow)

Farm Weekend

I made a cow shed for Mooie out of a Huggies wipes box, made cow patterned bunting and used Thom’s JCB toy as a tractor…

Farm Weekend

We had a lovely tea, with fresh fruits and vegetables (and pizza….)

Farm Weekend

Farm Weekend

Farm Weekend

Thom loved his corn…

Farm Weekend

Then we read books, sang Old MacDonald, looked back through our farm photographs from the day before and watched Baby Einstein- Old MacDonald until bedtime…

Farm Weekend

Farm Weekend

Hoorah for fun on the farm x

Oh I do like to be beside the sofa…

I’ve had an idea to build a beach in our living room for a while now, and today it finally all came together….

It’s surprising how many seaside-type-things we already had…a lovely stripy deckchair, wind up crabs, turtles and fish, water themed toys that blow bubbles and sing and a bright yellow towel…the rest I made or bought.  I think the whole thing including buying a bucket, spade, yellow blanket and one and a half metres of pebble floor covering came to well under £10.

I put the sofa cushions on the floor and covered half with a blue sheet and half with a yellow blanket.  Thom loves to throw himself onto the cushions.  We call it “Flumping”.  I put a yellow towel across the smaller sofa and created a sand dune.  I bought a plastic spade for £1 and sand castle buckets for £1.50

I made cut out shells and oysters

And a sandcastle made out of sandpaper

I made a souvenir shop out of an old Amazon box

And made postcards with backs you can wipe clean so I can use a board marker when we’re helping Thom learn to write in years to come

Our larger sofa became our Pleasure Pier

The Pier included a Ticket Office

With Punch and Judy show

A Fish and Chip shop

I printed off some newsprint so that Thom wouldn’t get mucky hands and wrapped in around some paper cups we had left over from his birthday party

And an amusement arcade

I pushed holes through an apple box with a knitting needle and pushed our Christmas tree lights through them.  I painted the box black so the lights would look even brighter.

I decided to add a little fun fair and tattoo parlour to complete our pier

I know all of this clearly indicates I have employment issues…but at least Thom got some more wear out of his sun hat…

I thought it would be fun to make a message in a bottle

I tried to think of what my S.O.S message would say and all could think of was this…

After we had played for a while to a background of barrel organ music we went for some food

Me, Pickle, Moo-Ma and Moo-Pa had chips, veggie pasties, peas and fishless fingers

Thommy had roughly the same, but with steamed sweet potato chips

After diner we visited the tattoo parlour.  At first I was quite restrained…

It says “Born to read”  Then I got a bit carried away…

I took Pickle down with me

We were trying to arm wrestle, but we just ended up holding hands…

We dressed Thom in his “Catch of the Day” onesie and his sunshine dribble bib

He looked like such a big boy on the deckchair…

As night fell the pier looked even prettier…

We had such a lovely day!  Can’t wait to take Thom to a real seaside!


Camm Street Winter Garden…

It’s been a grizzly day.  Very foggy and grey.  Although Moo-Ma and Moo-Pa took Thom to the swings it was just too damp and horrible to play in the garden…so I built a garden to play in inside!

I used an old apple crate, printed off some pictures of ivy and cut them out and made a potting shed…

I then made some seed packets which are just little brown dinner money envelopes with some split lentils inside.  They make good shakers…Look out!  I think Mr Bird wants to eat our seeds!

I made our garden pond by filling our paddling pool with blue and green ball pit balls, green balloons, blue tissue paper and ducks.  It provides quite a range of sensory experiences…and things to bat and throw!

It may be grey outside, but inside we have blue skies…

I then went looking around the house for garden related things and made some butterflies and leaves…

Another lovely day of play x

Space Camp Thursday…

I love days that start with a T and days that start with an S.  Tuesday and Thursdays are my Thom days, and we get to play and be silly.  Saturdays and Sundays are Pickle Tray and Thom days and make me extremely happy.  I try to do lots of fun things with Thom, including making and eating interesting food, playing games, having adventures and learning new things.  I also like to be inventive when it comes to games, toys and play areas.

Today I transformed an old box into a “Thom on tour vintage suitcase” which neatly transports his alphabet bricks when we are on location (generally at the café down the road or at the library)

I have also collected all our space bits and pieces and put them into a tent for play in the evenings, affectionately referred to as Thom’s Space Centre. I must confess that I have spent quite a few evenings in there playing on my laptop.  It’s very snug and peaceful!

Right…it’s back off to the tent for us to play with aliens and robots and eat our lunch from tin foil…Happy Thursday! x

Guess Who?

Quite a few months ago now, me, Mrs. Armitage and The Reverend J C were at a pub quiz.  Mrs. Armitage and The Reverend have shared a form (S1) at school.  They were talking about the form and trying to figure out who the other one was talking about…. Has he got black hair?  Does he wear a green jacket?  Etc…. It was just like a game of Guess Who… Then The Reverend said how wonderful it would be if they had a game of Guess S1…. So guess what I made? ….

The button masher takes a bow…