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Pickle is Fab…

I have designed an alternative to a card and I was so excited that poor Pickle had to have his Valentine’s early…

 Fab lolly card

I’ve made a little Pocket in the front and back so that I can add a love note

 Fab lolly card

I’ve recently set up a page where I hope to sell the occasional piece.  If anyone is interested or has a request please visit…



Crafty Christmas 2012…

Well, it’s been a very busy and wonderful year as well as being the most difficult and rewarding…it’s nearly at its close.  Time for one final blog before we move into 2013…

I made quite a lot of things for people for Christmas presents this year, half of which I forgot to take pictures of, but here are a few bits and pieces I did remember to snap.

Firstly I found a good use for some of our many wine corks.  I made them into stamps! cork 003

I then made the stamps into Christmas cards for Baby Polly and Oliver.  The bodies of the robins were printed using half cut potatoes.  I don’t think I’ve done a potato print since my age reached double figures!

 Baby's first Christmas cards

I made Christmas tree decorations for Polly and Joe

 Robin tree decorations

I made a picture of Simon Armitage for Mrs Armitage using a sample paint pot of her feature walls, canvas and a map of Sheffield

 Simon Armitage

I made my Panda Bear a fabric picture of one of her favourite Jeffrey Lewis songs/lyrics “Don’t be upset”

 Jeffrey Lewis

“Don’t be upset it’s only an octopus
Don’t bother it and I’m sure it won’t bother us.”

 Jeffrey Lewis

I made the background from my old summer dress, the octopus is made of felt and his embellishments are some sequins from the back of one of my skirts…I’m pretty sure no-one will notice that some are missing…

I also made Mrs Moz some design your own Morrissey shoes…

 Morrissey shoes

Morrissey shoes

Morrissey shoes

I’m very excited about this coming year, I feel it will have greatness in it.  Thank you for all of your support and kind words throughout 2012…I hope you all have a wonderful New Year.  Looking forward to seeing you in 2013 xxx

Father’s Day…

Its Pickle’s first Father’s Day and we’ve had a lovely day eating cake and seeing friends.  This year I made a total of three cards (with the help of Thommy) two of which are pictured here…

This one was made for Single Malt Monkey, Pickle’s Dad.  He’s a big Grateful Dead fan…

This one was for Pickle.  It’s a line drawing of the first picture he had taken of him and Thommy when Thom was born.

The third card I made was for my dear Moo-Pa and I was helped by Thom.  We forgot to take pictures but Thom used one of the rainbow stars from his wall display.

Hearts and Teacups…

I decided to cut up a book and stick some of the phrases I found onto cards…the whole process took quite some time and I never did find some of the words I was looking for to create a phrase, but it was lots of fun nonetheless.

I’ve made fifteen teacup cards and fifteen heart cards all saying different things, and I’m hoping to sell them…if I don’t get caught short for people’s birthdays and use them all up before I get a chance to sell them!

I’m going to make some new designs too, including making cards from the text of people’s favourite books.  So many ideas…so little time x



Hi folks

Long time no blog…Hope you’re all well and smiley…August has been mostly taken over by learning about little people (not leprechauns) and making a few big decisions, such as deciding to have the baby formally known as Paddlehands at home in a birthing pool.  We’re very excited at the prospect of having him in our dining room, and hope it won’t put any of you off coming for tea.  We’re really hoping it all goes well so we don’t have to go into hospital, but we’ll have bags packed by the door just in case. It does take a lot of the stress out of everything, such as…if I had Little Little in hospital in the early hours Duncan would be made to leave whilst we’re trying to bond as a family (booooooooooooo) it’s strange as there seems to be a lot of initiatives for dads to “get involved” with parenting, yet during those crucial first hours he’s sent home and alienated from his new family.  Well, we shall try and avoid that.  Splish Splash…

In other news, I have made these two little cards which made me laugh a lot, so thought I’d share.  As always, any other ideas along the same lines are more than welcome!