From Leeds to Sheffield (A Love Story)

Sheffield run an artist’s book prize and this year I thought I’d have a go at making a submission.  When Pickle and I were first dating he would spend all of his money to get from Leeds to Sheffield to see me and we accumulated a large number of spent train tickets.  I thought I’d stick them all together to make pages, and then draw on them in permanent marker.  After spending so long making the pages themselves, I was quite frightened of putting such an unforgiving pen to the pages, but it worked out okay in the end.  I had written a poem to accompany the illustrations, but I like it being just pictures.

Front CoverLeeds to Sheffield - A love Story 001

Page OneLeeds to Sheffield - A love Story 002

Page Two Leeds to Sheffield - A love Story 003

Page Three Leeds to Sheffield - A love Story 004

Page Four Leeds to Sheffield - A love Story 005

Page FiveLeeds to Sheffield - A love Story 006

Page Six Leeds to Sheffield - A love Story 007

All of the tickets on the cover are single tickets; the rest of the book is made out of two part returns.

As I was going to submit the book I realised that there is a charge, so I’m not entirely sure if I will submit it or not, but either way I think it will be something nice to give to Thom when he’s a lot older…a little love story of how his mummy and daddy got together… x

8 responses to “From Leeds to Sheffield (A Love Story)

  1. superb x

  2. This is awesome jane! My partner just dissolved in a puddle after seeing it…

  3. Will you get the book back after submitting? I’ll send you the entry fee. I think it’s great.

    • Aww, thank you! I have submitted it with a note saying I want it back. I also put “Not for sale” in the selling price box. The exhibition runs for two weeks in October…if you and Fi would like to come up and visit you’ll get to see all of the entries. Last year there were some really lovely ones (You can see them all on the website ) I wasn’t able to bind it very well which is a shame, but I’m still pleased with it Xxx

  4. That is awesome, Janie. You deserve to WIN

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