Holding onto love…

Moo-Ma and Moo-Pa have a new home, a lovely small house near to their friends.  They asked me to paint a picture for them and so we set about looking online for inspiration.  I mentioned a painter I like, Mackenzie Thorpe, and whilst searching through his many beautiful paintings Moo-Pa came across Holding onto Love.

 Holding onto Love

He really liked it and asked if I could change the colour scheme and a few bits and pieces…and this is the finished piece…

 Holding onto Love

It’s been a while since I got the oil paints out (roughly three years) so I was a bit nervous but I really enjoyed it.  Thank you to Miss Molly who gave me all of her oil paints a few months ago x

4 responses to “Holding onto love…

  1. We really love your take on Mackenzie Thorpe’s holding on to love You should find time in your busy shedule to experiment more on your art skills as you have lmmense untapped talent xxxx Moo ma & Moo pa xxx

  2. Hey Moo-Pa. I’m so glad that you like it. Looking forward to seeing it at its new home at your house. Love you xxx

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