If you go down to the dining room today…

Today was the last day of the holiday and I wanted to do something special for when Mr T got home from nursery.  I thought a teddy bear’s picnic would be just the thing…

Indoor picnic

Indoor picnic

May as well make use of the Christmas tree!

Indoor picnic

I had to hide the strawberries in the teapot otherwise Thom wouldn’t eat any of the savoury food…

Indoor picnic

Indoor picnic

After diner we lit our fire and I read a story about robots.  Thom got a bit distracted towards the end and went to play with the washing machine buttons.  Pickle stayed until the end of the story.  Washing machine buttons don’t appeal to him quite so much.

Indoor picnic

2 responses to “If you go down to the dining room today…

  1. Moo pa & Moo ma

    What a wonderful imagination our daughter button has. How blessed little Thom is to have such a wonderful mummy and daddy. Very proud to be your ma and pa. Love to you all always xxx. Ps did you have any trouble from ants or wasps l usually do at any picnic ive been too.

  2. Thank you Moo Pa and Moo Ma! Love you too. Luckily there were no wasps or ants, but there was a pesky black and white cat 😉 xxx

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