Batman baubles…

The Sparklist and Ron Burgundy have a lovely glittering Christmas tree.  I wanted to make them something for Christmas and given our mutual love for The Caped Crusader it seemed obvious to make these…



The photography is courtesy of The Sparklist as I am a goof and forgot to take pictures of them in my excitement to hand them over.  This means I also do not have a picture of the cute presentation box I made.  Ho ho ho hum

Next year I shall attempt to make more Superhero baubles for the Button Clan to keep.  Green Hulk, Red Spiderman and, as Ron Burgundy suggested, Ironman as he is red AND gold!  A perfect candidate to baublefy


On a separate note, JC is escaping from Alcatraz.  It’s no secret that he loves F Scott Fitzgerald’s Great Gatsby, so I made him this card.  The letters are cut out from a photocopy I made from my copy of the book

17.11.12 004

17.11.12 003

I hope you’re all having a lovely run up to the holidays x

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