Oh I do like to be beside the sofa…

I’ve had an idea to build a beach in our living room for a while now, and today it finally all came together….

It’s surprising how many seaside-type-things we already had…a lovely stripy deckchair, wind up crabs, turtles and fish, water themed toys that blow bubbles and sing and a bright yellow towel…the rest I made or bought.  I think the whole thing including buying a bucket, spade, yellow blanket and one and a half metres of pebble floor covering came to well under £10.

I put the sofa cushions on the floor and covered half with a blue sheet and half with a yellow blanket.  Thom loves to throw himself onto the cushions.  We call it “Flumping”.  I put a yellow towel across the smaller sofa and created a sand dune.  I bought a plastic spade for £1 and sand castle buckets for £1.50

I made cut out shells and oysters

And a sandcastle made out of sandpaper

I made a souvenir shop out of an old Amazon box

And made postcards with backs you can wipe clean so I can use a board marker when we’re helping Thom learn to write in years to come

Our larger sofa became our Pleasure Pier

The Pier included a Ticket Office

With Punch and Judy show

A Fish and Chip shop

I printed off some newsprint so that Thom wouldn’t get mucky hands and wrapped in around some paper cups we had left over from his birthday party

And an amusement arcade

I pushed holes through an apple box with a knitting needle and pushed our Christmas tree lights through them.  I painted the box black so the lights would look even brighter.

I decided to add a little fun fair and tattoo parlour to complete our pier

I know all of this clearly indicates I have employment issues…but at least Thom got some more wear out of his sun hat…

I thought it would be fun to make a message in a bottle

I tried to think of what my S.O.S message would say and all could think of was this…

After we had played for a while to a background of barrel organ music we went for some food

Me, Pickle, Moo-Ma and Moo-Pa had chips, veggie pasties, peas and fishless fingers

Thommy had roughly the same, but with steamed sweet potato chips

After diner we visited the tattoo parlour.  At first I was quite restrained…

It says “Born to read”  Then I got a bit carried away…

I took Pickle down with me

We were trying to arm wrestle, but we just ended up holding hands…

We dressed Thom in his “Catch of the Day” onesie and his sunshine dribble bib

He looked like such a big boy on the deckchair…

As night fell the pier looked even prettier…

We had such a lovely day!  Can’t wait to take Thom to a real seaside!


23 responses to “Oh I do like to be beside the sofa…

  1. Such amazing work! We had lots of fun. Just need to get another house to store it all in. Or I suppose we could just leave it up and live at the beach! xx

  2. Hehehe, now THERE’S an idea 🙂 xxx

  3. Oh my gosh you are soooo super clever! Please can i be your child, your world looks sooooo fun! Oliver would love to come to play at the beach one day xx

  4. Janet (yep, it’s definitely stuck), you are amazing. Incredible. Just mindblowingly fantastic. Your brain needs donating to medical science when you’ve finished being awesome with it, I don’t know how you come up with these wonderful ideas, I do know though, that Thom is such a lucky, lucky boy. His mummy is such a clever, dedicated lady. I was welling up looking through this blog entry, I’m amazed, I really am, I just wish there were more Janet’s in this world ❤ xxx

    • Awwww, Wizbuff! What a gorgeous thing to say! I’m beaming now! Making things, making people happy and making wonderful memories is, for me, what life is all about. Sending big love to you and your boys xxx

  5. Moo ma and moo pa had a simply amazing day at the seaside. Thom was such a joy to look after and what proud parents we are to have such gifted daughters. Looking forward to the next project. Love to you all always. xxxxx

  6. Simply beautiful x

  7. My head’s spinning! I can smell the salt and hear the waves. You certainly do have employment issues, but long may they go on, lady!

  8. Sheeeee-it……………..you are so clever. My happiness is that Thom is gonna have the most amazing childhood. Love you all xxxxxx

  9. Reblogged this on singlemaltmonkey and commented:
    My son Duncan, and his partner Jane, have produced my wonderful Grandson, Thom. Jane gets a couple of days off from work each week to play with Thom, elsewise he’s at Playgroup while Dunc and Jane provide. Jane is just so creative when it comes to Thom’s play. I can’t tell you how small their house is………..to create a beach and seaside experience is just wonderful………………….

  10. I just had to reblog this. xx

  11. Hehehehe, reblog away! Hopefully it will inspire someone somewhere to turn an old cardboard tea box into a Punch and Judy hut xxx

  12. Amazing! Such attention to detail! Love it. 😀

  13. There's a frog on my Sprocket!

    You are a special person, in a world where so many forget to enjoy life and be happy… Great idea post and blog.
    Thanks to My buddy Al for reporting so I could see this.

    • Thank you Alison. I try to think of fun things for us to do on my days away from work with Thom. He learns so much whilst he’s playing and there isn’t a nicer sound in the world than the sound of his giggle x

  14. Youre amazing. I cannot imagine a more wonderful thing to do. #feedtheimagination! So want to do this too! Beautiful.

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