Morrissey For Life…

Mrs Moz took her dedication to her husband one step further and declared her undying love for him in tattoo format.  She had this design tattooed on her foot.

As part of her birthday present I decided to make the design out of felt for her and frame it.


It was wonderful fun to make and I would now like to leave my library job and go into making people’s tattoos out of felt as a full time job x

3 responses to “Morrissey For Life…

  1. Moo pa & Moo ma

    So sorry Pa & I forgot to ask how happy Lyn was when you gave her the beautifully framed felt tatoo we are sure that 1 day hopefully very soon doors will open for your talent to shine through . Love always Moo ma & Moi pa xxx

  2. Aww, thanks guys. Lyn was very happy indeed which made me very happy indeed. Everyone wins *grin* Right…I’m off to look for that door you mentioned…. x

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