Space Camp Thursday…

I love days that start with a T and days that start with an S.  Tuesday and Thursdays are my Thom days, and we get to play and be silly.  Saturdays and Sundays are Pickle Tray and Thom days and make me extremely happy.  I try to do lots of fun things with Thom, including making and eating interesting food, playing games, having adventures and learning new things.  I also like to be inventive when it comes to games, toys and play areas.

Today I transformed an old box into a “Thom on tour vintage suitcase” which neatly transports his alphabet bricks when we are on location (generally at the café down the road or at the library)

I have also collected all our space bits and pieces and put them into a tent for play in the evenings, affectionately referred to as Thom’s Space Centre. I must confess that I have spent quite a few evenings in there playing on my laptop.  It’s very snug and peaceful!

Right…it’s back off to the tent for us to play with aliens and robots and eat our lunch from tin foil…Happy Thursday! x

One response to “Space Camp Thursday…

  1. Thom’s Space Centre is awesome|! A little sleepy at times though:-)

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