Thom’s mobile library…


I adapted Thom’s block trolley so that he can be just like Mummy.  The days I’m not working in the library, me and Thom get to play mobile libraries and push the library around issuing books to people.  On one side it says “The book stops here” and on the back “Don’t just sit there….circulate!”  I sent this picture to my friend in Sheffield Children’s library and she liked the idea so much they are going to make one, which has made me a very happy Button indeed


He has also made an appearance in a classroom in Hull today!  Hooray! x

2 responses to “Thom’s mobile library…

  1. Moo pa & Moo ma

    Just wanted to say what a wonderful mummy you are. Your imagination to keep Thom happy & stimulated in his development never ceases to amaze us. Pa and I are so very proud of you and always look forward to our tuseday poos day . Love you all more than chocolate xxx

  2. Aww, that’s so sweet! Thank you! Just thinking up the next lounge installation… the theme may be “in the garden” or “at the beach” seeing as it is too wet to play in the actual garden or go to a real beach I may make one indoors… Love you both xxx

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