Benjamin Zephaniah’s Poetry Party…

So, on Tuesday 9th October I left young Shuddy-Pops in the care of Moo-Ma and Moo-Pa and put on the hat of “responsible adult” to accompany some of our students to the Lyceum.  It was Benjamin Zephaniah’s Poetry Party, and we were there to whoop, hooray and have a bit of rhyme time.  I had made flags and a banner as requested.  All the other schools had shiny party hats, streamers and party blowers.  I had made what looked like political party flags.  We were the only none uniform school with flags stating, “Do right, Fear nothing” Our school motto.  Right on.

The majority of the students (unsurprisingly the original cherry picked list of Y7s who had earned a treat) behaved in a good natured, humorous, grateful manner, and I was really proud of them.  Here is not the place for mentioning the antics of the students who were thrust upon us in an unfair and selfish way.  Instead we shall end our tale with an enthusiastic Y7…”Can I sit next to you on the bus Miss Galletly?  I’m having such a great time I don’t want it to end.”  It’s so nice to know that there are some events that are so special that others can’t spoil it no matter how hard they try.

Today I made a little display celebrating our day out.  We survived.  Go team x


4 responses to “Benjamin Zephaniah’s Poetry Party…

  1. Hey Miss, Mr Moz is assembling our library in the back bedroom- can you be our librarian please? You could make displays on educational research theory. xxx

  2. It would be my pleasure! xxx

  3. I’m glad you get to count the plus points. 🙂

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