Brighter breakfasts…

Breakfast today was an important one for the people of the Button household.  We finished up our eggs…the last we intend to buy from a supermarket.  To mark the occasion I made veggie bacon and egg toast cups and they were very yummy indeed.


In future our much reduced consumption of eggs shall come from a local lady’s chickens.  She lives not too far away and keeps chickens and goats.  We will be able to potter down with Thom and point and smile at the chickens, then take a half dozen eggs from the bottom of her drive and leave a pound coin in the bucket…like a secret drug drop, but with eggs.  Mr Snuffbox (affectionately known as Uncle Queenie after today’s mix up around cake naming) has been fundamental in the set up of operation egg. He reliably informs us that the eggs will all be of different sizes and colours and we shall see for ourselves the happy conditions under which the chickens are kept.  This sudden wake up call was brought to me by the extremely beautifully written and informative Eating Animals by Jonathan Safran Foer.  I’m only on page 63 and can’t wait to read the whole thing, after which I may just read it all again.

Love x

6 responses to “Brighter breakfasts…

  1. I’m so glad about this! Such a positive change. If you need any tips on egg replacements or eating towards a vegan diet then just ask. Xxx

  2. I’m looking forward to operation egg! I’ll have to read it before your second time round so we can be on the same page… literally. Oh and breakfast was yummy, and so was the cake… oh my. xx

  3. How eggciting for Thom to see chickens in their own home and to see them happy in their work laying money for their mistress ahh i wonder are the chucks from Kiev ha ha xxxxxx

    • I know, it’s really cool isn’t it! I might give the lady a call tomorrow and arrange it all. Maybe we could all take a walk down with Thom one day? Looking forward to seeing you guys in the morning. Love you xxx

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