Not sorry you’re leaving…

Pickle was made redundant yesterday…this is a big worry financially, but such a weight off in so many other ways.  His old boss, Mr Meanie, didn’t even get him a card or a bottle of wine after working for him for five years.  I was expecting this, although had hoped he would prove me wrong.  In anticipation of such miserly thoughtlessness I decided to throw my wonderful Pickle a not-sorry-you’re-leaving do for just the two of us…

Pickle is officially the first man I have ever bought flowers for.  Me and Ms Moz got him pretty cards and Moo-Pa helped to cut out the paper hearts.

 A couple of bottles of wine, a big lump of Rock Star soap from Lush and a chocolate P45 were his leaving treats

 And of course no do could possibly be complete without cheese twists and other salty snacks….

 Pickle, I’m so glad you have left.  Bright and shiny times await x

9 responses to “Not sorry you’re leaving…

  1. Best leaving do ever. I may have eaten my P45 by the time i get a new job… is that going to be a problem… thank you for a great send off!

  2. x X x X x

  3. Now that it’s happened you can get on with the rest of your lives. 🙂
    Fingers crossed for new gainful employment soon.

    • Indeed, it’s a relief that he doesn’t have to go there anymore. We’re hopefully going to start finishing off his second album next week too 😀 lots of fun things to do xx

  4. Good Luck with job-hunting. “Work to live” not “live to work” is my advice!
    Enjoy all that time with the lovely Janie and cute little Thom.

    • Thank you Meg. Financially it couldn’t have happened at a worse time, but in terms of where we’re at in our actual lives the timing couldn’t really be better…there’s so much Duncan misses out on everyday….now he wont have to for a little while 😀 xx

  5. We are so pleased that chapter in your life is over and that exciting times are ahead. It wont belong before someone snaps dunton up and brings his true potential out to shake the music world to the core and we can say that we were there at the start as a star is born go pickle go. XXX

    • Awww, thanks Moo-Pa, what a sweet message! And thank you for your handy work with the busy scissors on the paper hearts…I would have struggled to have got it finished in time without you. Love you xxx

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