Dribble Bibble…

Now that I’m on maternity pay only and Pickle will be out of a job in twenty something days I thought it was time to start being a little more inventive with the things we need and the things we already have.  Thommy is feeling his gums a bit and covers his outfits in dribble about three times a day.  Si-Bot bought us some adorable dribble bibs which are great for this, but they’re not exactly cheap.  Thommy is 6 months old tomorrow and at the end of his 3-6 month clothes…so I thought I’d experiment with one of his old t-shirts that no longer fits in the body.  Considering this is my first attempt (I got a bit excited and didn’t make a template…I just went at it with a pair of scissors) and I’m just learning to use a sewing machine, I think this is pretty cool…and cost zero pence.  Hooray!


3 responses to “Dribble Bibble…

  1. “Thom Holden Galletly” is a tag? He’s a pin-up for sure. The job finally going down then?

    • Hahaha, yes…lets hope that he doesn’t get too embarrassed when he’s older and make me take all of these posts down! Not something we had to worry about when we were nippers…social networking and blogging were not even in our vocabulary! Yes, Duncan will be out of work in a couple of weeks….eek x

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