Tonight Matthew we are going to be, Duncan and Janie!

It was mine and Pickle’s two year anniversary on February 15th, and what a busy two years it has been!  As much as we would have loved to spend it with our beautiful little boy, we thought if any day should be spent just the two of us, it was that day….so we left our mummy and daddy hats at home (as well as young Master Thom…thanks Grandma), let down our hair (Well, Pickle left his hair band in…but you get the idea) and embarked upon a journey of art, booze and being Duncan and Jane again.


We had cupcakes and Pimms and lemonade on the train…I mean, it’s only going to go uphill from all that sugar!


The Hepworth gallery was brilliant.  I have always been inspired by her and her work especially her work with wood, paint and string.  I long for a space in which I could work.  I was even eyeing up the bendy framed greenhouses in Wilkinsons…a place of ones own…bliss…


Pickle was a sweetie and spoilt me rotten.  One of my lovely gifts was a hip flask inscribed with the words “I love you Little Moon” I dutifully filled it full of yum…I mean rum.  In not wanting Pickle to feel left out we filled a Tommee Tippee bottle with yet more rum.  We renamed this particular bottle (which is now obviously out of Thommy’s bottle circulation)Duncan’s Tommee Tipple Bottle.  As he nearly popped to tell me, “Thom’s here in spirit!” How I love you Pickle tray…here’s to another wonderful two years… then two more…then two more…then two more…repeat…repeat…repeat x

6 responses to “Tonight Matthew we are going to be, Duncan and Janie!

  1. I dind’t realise you were rum-heads, me hearties !

  2. Hehehe, we sure are! Thommy is our pirate baby! xx

  3. Loved your day out! We went to Hepworth Gallery last summer- great spaces which set off the sculpture perfectly.

    • It was even better than I had expected. Definitely going to go back there often…there are lots of workshops in puppet and felt making etc. and it seemed very child friendly too, so we’ll take Thommy next time x

  4. Pickle looks like an actual vagrant in that last picture. Well done!

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