A nice glass of red and a hat for my head…

Red is definitely the colour for this time of year, be it in a glass or in the form of something warm and cuddly…  This is the first adult sized hat I have ever knitted and I’m really pleased with it…Luckily I had a wooly button in my button jar from an old coat that matches perfectly.

  It also matches my poncho nicely too! Hooray for hats! x

8 responses to “A nice glass of red and a hat for my head…

  1. You look very cosy- what a fantastic colour! xxx

  2. It’s a lovely hat and a lovely smiley face below it too!
    Hope all is well.

    Davey x

  3. Okay, with the spare wool can I have one ? I’ve a big head though – physically, that is. Also, I know that Thom’s gonna keep you outta the craft box for a bit – but I have some ideas for t-shirt printing and design and I know you’re good at that.

    • That must be where Duncan gets his ample noggin from then…though strangely/luckily neither of you look like you have big heads (he’s an x-large in M&S…shhhhh, don’t tell I told) I’m very excited about your t-shirt ideas…please do tell me more! I have never done a t-shirt print as such, mine are largely customised felt efforts or bleached…I can definitely show you how I do either of those, or we could learn a different style of printing and have a stab together? That would be fun! xx

  4. Luvverly! I have just bought some new wool to start on some stuff for Thom 🙂

    • Awww, you’re a darling! Can’t wait to see! His head is nearly big enough for the gorgeous hat you knitted him…will post pics and tag you in. Missing you…any idea when you’ll be back in Blighty? A trip to Canada this year is looking highly unlikely…boooo! xx

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