I embroider therefore I am…

This week marked the anniversary of Pickle’s birth, and what a lovely day we had!  I had realised some weeks before that poor wonderful Pickle had never been on the receiving end of one of my crafty inventions, so I set about putting that awful oversight straight.  I really do think I excelled myself this time…7 hours and an audio book later it was complete…

4 responses to “I embroider therefore I am…

    • Thank you honey. He’s so pleased with it, if not a little too frightened to wear it! He has it hanging in front of all of his other clothes like some kind of cardi art…he’s so cute x

  1. I dropped him a text on his birthday but didn’t hear anything so I had thoughts that you’d gone into early labour! Did prod’s birthday card come the other day? xx

    • If only! We were hoping we would, but Thom decided he didn’t want to share his birthday with daddy and Grandpa Galletly. Yes, your lovely card came yesterday, thank you! He left his phone at home all day on his birthday and we managed a trip into town for lunch. It was lovely to get out for a bit xx

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