Hey there Paddlehands…come out and play

So, it’s nearly time for me and Pickle to become something else as well as all the things we’ve already decided to be along life’s merry little path…a mummy and a daddy. Baby Thom has been given an eta of October 10th which is gaining on us fast…although at other times it feels as slow as I am waddling back from the green grocers…

We’re pretty prepared, birthing pool inflated, hospital just-in-case cases packed, bag of high energy snacks should I fancy a cashew or two between the waves…but we’re struggling still with music choices. I mean, the music you get born to is a pretty big deal when your mummy adores music and your daddy is a fantastic musician. Most people have probably quite rightly pointed out that “I won’t know” what music is playing at that particular point as I’ll be pretty busy, but that’s missing the point somewhat…we want something very special to play whilst we’re holding him for the first time. It’s a good job daddy decided to write a song for baby…so super pretty


Paddlehands –

Hey there we cant wait to meet you,

Seems so long to wait since we heard you’re coming here.

Seen your bones on a screen,

And bought a toy to hear your heart beat with,

Isn’t it strange that one day we’ll play it to you.

We cant wait to show you

A world that’s rich with things

Teach about the song’s we sing,

Show you colours and shapes,

And all the good things life brings.

Little wonder we were surprised

We saw your foot, maybe your hand,

Knocking at the walls of your temporary home inside your mum

Just a bump that she looks so lovely carrying

We’re trying to be patient, but it truth its a little too exciting out here

And we’re oh so looking forward to playing with you,

And seeing what you look like.

(Hey there Paddlehands…come out and play)

2 responses to “Hey there Paddlehands…come out and play

  1. May I also suggest “Push It” by Salt ‘N’ Pepa ;P

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