Hi folks

Long time no blog…Hope you’re all well and smiley…August has been mostly taken over by learning about little people (not leprechauns) and making a few big decisions, such as deciding to have the baby formally known as Paddlehands at home in a birthing pool.  We’re very excited at the prospect of having him in our dining room, and hope it won’t put any of you off coming for tea.  We’re really hoping it all goes well so we don’t have to go into hospital, but we’ll have bags packed by the door just in case. It does take a lot of the stress out of everything, such as…if I had Little Little in hospital in the early hours Duncan would be made to leave whilst we’re trying to bond as a family (booooooooooooo) it’s strange as there seems to be a lot of initiatives for dads to “get involved” with parenting, yet during those crucial first hours he’s sent home and alienated from his new family.  Well, we shall try and avoid that.  Splish Splash…

In other news, I have made these two little cards which made me laugh a lot, so thought I’d share.  As always, any other ideas along the same lines are more than welcome!

3 responses to “BananaSchama

  1. Little People? I hope that you don’t mean midgets!

  2. Great. Hoe about Barking Starkey !!

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