A painting for baby Thom…

Me and Pickle have been working hard on Baby Thom’s room, it’s so much fun! I’ll have lots to show you over the next few days…firstly, I have made him a pretty painting inspired by Alys Paterson and other stylised trees I found online…

It was a lot of fun to paint on top of a dark colour with a chunky gold pen!  The oil paints took frustratingly long to dry as oil paints do, but this helped me to procrastinate with a valid excuse and end up with a much nicer result than if I’d used acrylics.  Hooray!

9 responses to “A painting for baby Thom…

  1. Looks very professional! Are you planning to do the whole room or just the one wall? Let’s hope it’s high enough up that baby won’t be able to draw all over it with mummy’s make up!

    • Hehehe, yes, I hope he doesn’t go at it with my lipstick! That will just be on one wall, but we’ll use the paint colour as a theme on the wall by where his cot will be too…that wall is nearly finished actually, so should be able to put pictures up in the next few days *grin* xx

  2. Baby Thom is soo lucky! No fake plastic trees in the nursery, though.

  3. This looks great – well done. BTW, where does “Holden” come from? (I think you did tell us but I forgot, sorry.)

  4. Looks amazing! x

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