The making of The Mighty Noosh

Oooh, how exciting, this will be my first “How to” master class and is for the lovely Miss Molly and her knitting addiction! I’m beginning to wish I had paid more attention whilst I was making it! Oh well…here goes….

First I knitted a simple rectangle… the height is about twice the length of my neck (for me that was 23cm) and the length is roughly 40cm. So it would depend on the size of your wool and needles as to how many stitches to cast on, but stick to those dimensions and it should all work out fine.

After the rectangle was kitted I folded it in half, top right corner to bottom left corner. I didn’t do it point to point as you can see, but left about two inches either side. This affords space for the buttons and just looks nicer.

Next I sewed on the buttons, (they came as spares with my coat) the large one for fastening and the smaller one for show. I stitched through both layers of the noosh to make sure the fold stayed in position. Then I finger knitted a loop, slightly smaller than the large button. I tried the noosh around my neck and figured where I would need to stitch it on to make a snug fit that didn’t actually choke me. Then again, stitched it on, taking the stitch through both layers of the noosh to secure the other end of the fold.

And then you’re done! I would stress make the loop smaller than you think you need to…wool stretches and my first attempt was too loose on the button. It only took about five minutes to remedy though.

It also looks neat on Mia

5 responses to “The making of The Mighty Noosh

  1. HAHA poor long suffering mia looks most impressed

  2. You forgot the magnet 🙂

  3. you are a totally awesome lady

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