Hello lovelies…sorry I’ve been quiet for a while, growing a baby is a sleepy business and I have been kipping a lot.  But at last, it is the holidays and I get to have some play time!  Besides moving our house around ready for the arrival of Paddlehands, I have also been busy with ideas of things to make (of course) first up…what every librarian mummy wants to put around her little little’s neck to catch the goo…(I wonder if that’s where Katchagoogoo got their name from….)


For those of you who aren’t Dewey lingual, 637.1 is the Dewey decimal number for Milk

Coming soon…a nursery painting and a mobile (the dingily dangly baby amuser type, not the beep beep “hello” type) 

Until then, stay crafty! x

4 responses to “Catch-the-goo-goo

  1. at last – someone else who thinks in Dewey!

  2. I like the name Paddlehands 🙂

    • *grin* For quite a while it didn’t have properly developed hands or fingers, it had these little paddle looking things on the ends of it’s arms, so little little has been affectionately known as Paddlehands ever since x

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