Now Then…

Today I had some brilliant news!  I am going to have two poems published in the Sheffield magazine “Now Then”.  I nearly peed my pants.  The two humble offerings they chose for their April edition are as follows…

Spring loaded

I can’t deny that all it takes

Is one clear look at you

And it’s one hundred plastic cowboy hats

And my heart buckaroos


A Reminder 

The key scratch marks around the door

From a drunken night a year before

When you tried to use your key not mine

When our limbs and bricks were that entwined

A reminder of my heart’s complaint

Strange hieroglyphs scored into paint


In addition to recognition for my scribbles I have made another two t-shirts (“But when does she sleep?” I hear you cry…Behind every great woman is a great Pickle…)  One was for the Half Man Half Biscuit gig I went to a few weeks ago, which I proudly sported under my coat for most of the night as I was a chilly one… 

  I’m a bogus official…don’t let me in…

And the other was for a Smiths tribute band that me, Mrs Armitage and Lily Elf went to at the weekend…it was wizard… 

Note to self: Must stop spraying all of my clothes with bleach…

6 responses to “Now Then…

  1. That is wonderful news! Wonder if they’ll publish my poem, some say it’s quite Keatsy….. Mwahahahahahah nyam nyam nyam

  2. Go for it. Well done. Like the poems. Get jammin with the slammin and the flimmin and the flammin and the wordy wise whammin and the actins no hammin when yo up with da poetry slammin ………….hahaha 🙂

    • Hahaha, maybe it’s YOU that should step in for me and not Sibot! I’m afraid to say I wont be taking part in the poetry slam as I am without my booze crutch! xx

  3. I got a nice e-mail about this post telling me all about it; but I now realise I have missed several more because I got no notification. I wonder why this is?

    It’s 04:45 and I have to go to work now. And I have tummy ache. Bums.

    Love to all!

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