When kind words go bad…

Wednesday was the anniversary of the birth of Mrs Penis Penis. To mark the occasion I decided to make her a t-shirt which will only make sense if I tell you a little story….

Once upon a time there lived a wonderful Mrs Penis Penis who had a charming husband called The Celt. One fine day, The Celt was in the pub with his extremely slight and really quite frail looking friend…Mrs Penis Penis came to meet them and The Celt could not help but notice the difference between the two…Mrs Penis Penis looked so lovely and healthy and he wished to pay her the compliment. Unfortunately The Celt’s choice of words meant that the compliment got a little lost…he commented that Mrs Penis Penis was “Substantial”. He of course had meant to say how a less frail body is more appealing, but instead it sounded like he was calling her extensive and plentiful. The Celt has never and will never live this statement down and it has now been immortalised. Sometimes flattery just falls flat…

5 responses to “When kind words go bad…

  1. Mrs Penis Penis

    Excellent – in print now so it must be true! Wearing the evidence as I write x

  2. Excellent. “Substantial”……….new hip word !!!

  3. Mrs Penis Penis

    Yes – hip being the operative word! That’s where it is! (and other places)

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