Don’t drink don’t smoke what do ya do?

When thinking of a “fun” evening, my mind automatically lights up with all manner of boozy do options….but what about if you are up early the next day or are fed up of having a thick head and a tongue you need to shave?  Where can you get fun that doesn’t come in a pretty bottle with a pretty “thunk” noise when you take out his cork?  Separating recreation from rioja should not be a surgical operation…this weekend in an attempt to stay above the influence and yet still do stuff, I have participated in the following…

One)  A walk in the peaks with Lily Elf

Me and Lily Elf took a trip straight after school on Friday and stacked some mileage between us and working life.  The grizzly grey day cleared up and we drove high chasing a sunset.  It was beautiful.  We had little chilly faces and hot hat heads and we scrambled over rocks, took pictures and looked for beasties in rock pools.

Two) A picnic in our lounge

By the time me and Lily got back it was getting dark.  The temperature really dropped and it was grizzly again…however, I wanted a picnic… Pickle did not disappoint by agreeing once more to my whimsies.


Three) Extremely naughty breakfast


One Cadbury’s Crème Egg and as many Cadbury’s fingers as you can manage to dip in and nom nom before you feel truly wronged…I managed a lot…


Four) Robby bubbly

Pickle has bought a bottle of “Robby bubbly” a non alcoholic bubbly strawberry flavoured drink from Netto with an interesting label… I’m not sure how the hedgehog got into that particular situation, but he looks positively happy about it…

Five) Hold a World Book Night Event 

When we heard that the catering would be a problem and that the books had not arrived at our collection point and the suppliers were 500 books short, we began to wonder if we had invited sixty plus people for no food and no books.  What a party!  We were afraid we would look like prize idiots and considered choreographing a brief dance routine whilst Mrs Penis Penis’ husband The Celt gently walked around using his counselling skills to support disenchanted students.  However, the catering came good and looked brilliant and the books arrived just as our first guests did!  We hurriedly pasted book plates into copies of Philip Pullman’s Northern Lights and managed to compose ourselves adequately enough to chat to our wonderful guests before being made pleasantly self-conscious by the presentation of a pretty bunch of flowers a piece *blush* 

And the weekend is still young!  Whatever will booze-free Button do next?  Suggestions welcome x

8 responses to “Don’t drink don’t smoke what do ya do?

  1. This brings joy to my heart!

  2. Mrs Moz and uber-reader Young Ms Moz the First had a wonderful day at the World Book Night presentation, thank you. Great choice of crisps.

    • It was great to see you both! Young Ms Moz the First is always a delight in the library…she makes me laugh 🙂 Looking forward to seeing you in the place of Moz worship on Saturday…I’m making a t-shirt for the event later today *grin* x

  3. I like your breakfast – at what point did you get your sugar-high?

  4. love the breakfast idea, have to try that one myself x

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