Get thee to a library…

I seem to have plodded through this week amidst a mist of yawns with drowsy functioning…I’m quite sure the government has secretly squeezed two weeks into one whilst we weren’t looking… this is not to say that there haven’t been some quite delightful moments and these are the Button twinklings I would like to share with you…

On Saturday me, Pickle and Mrs Armitage all went to our local library to borrow items and join up respectively.  It will be of no surprise to you that we are all big library enthusiasts and we are worried by recent stories of library closures and reduced hours.

I had a few ideas for making things, so I decided to choose some audiobooks so I could listen to stories whilst I squirreled away with felt and thread.  I have a theory that as adults we still crave the joy we felt as children at story time… just because we get older does not mean we enjoy this luxury any less, yet it seems to fall away.  I love being read to, always have…Pickle reads to me in the bath and it’s such a treat.  In the absence of having a wonderful someone to read to you, I find audiobooks an appropriate and convenient alternative.  They are great for the walk into work…on a gloomy Monday morning who wouldn’t be cheered by the animated tones of Stephen Fry telling you fervent tales?

I listened to Gulliver’s Travels by Jonathan Swift…what an amazing book!  It went by all too quickly as I beavered away over the T-Shirt I am making for the Half Man Half Biscuit gig we’re going to (which I’m extremely excited about already).  The kids at school told me that there is a new Gulliver’s Travels film out at the cinebobs…it has Jack Black in it…I am confused about Jack Black.  I watched Be kind rewind and thought both him and the film were wonderful.  I think when he gets it right he really gets it right, but when he doesn’t he comes across as someone I would repeat don’t-sit-next-to-me-don’t-sit-next-to-me-don’t-sit-next-to-me in my head should he get on the same bus.

I went to bed early on Wednesday night and snuggled up with a cup of hot chocolate and Roald Dahl’s Esio Trot.  Such a sweet story.  I also finally finished Seeing Stars by Simon Armitage.  I had been rationing myself to one or two stories a day so I could think carefully about what I had read for the rest of the day.  I did the same with Sum:40 tales of the afterlives by David Eagleman…a book I will reread again soon…my brain loved that book.  My brain and the rest of me simply loves books…

Libraries may be entering dark days, with some holding up their Kindles by way of making light…but I love BOOKS not just the words on the page, the stories themselves, but the physical item we refer to as “Book”.  The feel of a book in your hand, the smell of it’s worn charity shop paper pages, the comfort of it resting, slightly curled in your bag, reassuring you that it doesn’t matter if you’re early to the pub to meet your friend, because here is a tiny paper friend ready to keep you entertained until the human fleshy friend arrives.  The thrill of being the first person to take out a much sort after library book, the way they sit happily together on shelves, conservatives next to labour, Clarkson next to someone who isn’t a complete twat, the Koran next to the Bible…we could all learn a thing or two from books…

6 responses to “Get thee to a library…

  1. hear hear! well done that lady! x

  2. My Dad volunteers for the RNIB repairing blind people’s Talking Book machines. It’s a kind of Love Film service but with audio books and free for blind people. Very honourable.

    Would it be safe to assume you won’t be asking for a Kindle for your birthday?!?!?

    • That’s a wonderful thing to do! I wanted to volunteer to read for centres where you can record literature for blind people, I should look into that now I’m in Sheffield… To be honest, I think the Kindle is a neat bit of kit…but it’s an additional reading/learning resource in my opinion and does not replace the book…I like to curl up and read in the bath…I think I’d break a Kindle pretty quickly! x

  3. Right on sister! Maybe one day in the summer hols, when you’re finding it a bit more difficult be be active due to… er.. the heat (!) I should come to yours and read Redwall to you, all over again! xx

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