The Happy Sundays (And Saturdays…)

Saturday started off somewhat wobbly after what turned into a well coordinated hand to mouth evening in the pub the night before, which continued into a less well coordinated Button making a fantastic example of how one can find chairs and tables perfectly with ones hips and knees.  I may have made Space Cowboy and Fingerbobs listen to my iPod, I may have sang quite a bit, I may have left the house with Miss Cake and the Pickle, but non of these things I remember…I do remember laughing a lot.

So, Saturday morning called for a fixer breakfast…one fried egg bagel, packet of crisps and some peanuts topped off with lots of chocolate…sugar and salt please…a nice strong coffee and then ready to face the day, which turned out to be amazing!

Me and Lily Elf drove off to the Peaks.  We went for a lovely long trek around Ladybower and I got to use the walking shoes that Mrs Penis Penis gave to me.  They fit and are lovely and warm, but I found them to be quite slippery…Lily told me what she always tells me, and which is very good advice…trust your feet…

The views were absolutely beautiful… I really need to get out more and appreciate how lucky I am to live five minutes from all of this…

It also makes me want want want a better camera, although once again, little point and clicky did good.

After a slightly tricky hop skip and slip back down the hill (Lily Elf showed a tremendous lack of complaint with me shuffling on my bottom at one point) she then showed me her lovely new house and friendly housemate…very homely and cosy…we ate pizza and cherry pie and drank lemonade because that’s exactly the kind of thing you can and should do in such a welcoming house.  Definitely a cherry pie house… 

Sunday saw poor Pickle lamenting the fact that the pool he was hoping to take a dip in is closed until March.  Me and Mrs Armitage had no such excuse to skip our exercise class, and we worked hard for an hour with chats and giggles in between… I then felt virtuous enough to have a large helping of butternut squash risotto and later will probably feel more than righteous enough to try the caramel cream Bailey’s that Mrs Armitage so kindly treated us to…ooooh, don’t mind if I do…..

2 responses to “The Happy Sundays (And Saturdays…)

  1. I think your posts are so funny !!! 🙂

    • *grins* glad they are making you smiley!  We must think of a name for your lovely wife Mr Single Malt Monkey, so that next time you both visit (which I hope will be soon) we can immortalise you both in Buttonland! x

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