Breaking news…

Yolko Ono and Egglebert Humperdinck have been killed in a car accident outside a Shell garage in Egginburgh.

Tomato sauces have revealed that the driver was in fact Damon Albumen, who had been egged on by his friends to egg-cellerate and drive in through the eggs-it as opposed to the hen-trance.  Sadly Ono and Humperdinck were just leaving the garage at the time and suffered major head injuries.  Eye witnesses have told us that Albumen was thrown from the car on impact, but scrambled to his feet unharmed. 

I like it when the aftermath of breakfast provides caption competition material… I can only blame my increasingly worsening cold for the sheer *groan* material I have just written… forgiveness is a virtue folks (or should that be yolks…)  Okay, one more, then I promise I’ll stop…

Who wrote Great Eggspectations?

Charles Chickens

5 responses to “Breaking news…

  1. Hahaha…very good. Or is that eggsalent ? I’ll be the first to say it. Reading it made me eggstatic. Hope you are feeling better soon.

  2. That is a sadly familiar scene to me as Ellis Moz will not eat her boiled egg unless it has a Doctor Who face drawn on it.

  3. En-oeuf of the bad j-yolks!

  4. Blog again soon please. This is the first time I have read this, and laughed ooh so much! xx

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