What a wonderful weekend we had!  Mrs Penis Penis gave me and the Pickle free tickets to Lun-da-dun-don and back including a lift from The Celt to the train station…what a treat!  Unfortunately one of her elderly relatives had put her back out feeding the dog… it’s a shame when someone’s loss turns out to be your gain, but I can’t say I wasn’t excited about the whole trip.

We pottered around enjoying the change of scenery… went to the Tate Modern and was inspired to make more things next year…we attempted a romantic stroll across the bridge which was interrupted and hastened by a thousand Father Christmases…Eeek… then we caught a squashy tube to Camden and had all-you-can-nom vegetarian Chinese…. Ohm nom nom…we waddled out a stone heavier and pottered for a bit longer before inevitably landing in a pub and meeting up with Pickle’s delightful friends….it was an all too brief encounter, but no less charming for its time limitations.

Back on the train with Mrs Penis Penis and friends and nomming on a Chilli chocolate cookie kindly supplied by Average White Boy, we swigged on a bottle of brown and relaxed.  A change really is as good as a rest and I arrived back in Sheffield feeling most smiley.  We decided to get more smiley by having another pint or two in town.  Mrs Penis Penis took us to a pub we had never been to before and both me and Pickle proceeded to drunkenly talk at the poor thing for the duration of the evening…  

Fun, fun, with an extra dollop of fun, grated fun on top and put in a fun assisted oven for forty minutes….


 On a free day away

They came together

A gaggle of Santas

A Santageddon

Across the bridge

They marched with a chant

Whilst we had crossed it

For romance

We thought their number

Meant a protest

Yet it was beer

They came to digest

But it’s more our kiss

I will remember

Over Chrispocalypse

In our best December

3 responses to “Chrispocalypse

  1. Love Santa with a fag

  2. Great. I wondered what had happened to Flash Mob.

  3. Your poem brought to mind TS Eliot: “A crowd flowed over London Bridge, so many, I had not thought death had undone so many.”
    Actually it didn’t, I just wanted to show off. Job done!

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