Button as 30 year old child…

Today I have:

  • Played with my food
  • Thrown a snowball
  • Ran with scissors
  • Played with toys…. Well, just one doll actually…


  Comes complete with accessories….

Thank you to Ms Moz for the original idea of a Morrissey glove puppet… it may have escalated slightly…

I will create more accessories for him over time.. he’s taken so long to make!  If anyone has any ideas of what-Moz-should-have-next then please let me know and I’ll see what I can do…

Morrissey – Artists aren’t really people. And I’m actually 40 per cent papier mache

Button – I think you’ll find it’s more of a 40/60 split of felt and cotton wool balls…

Morrissey – How can anybody say they know how I feel? The only one around here who is me, is ME

Button – Well, honey, you feel like felt

Morrissey – Now I know how Joan of Arc felt

Button – I haven’t got time to make her out of felt as well….

11 responses to “Button as 30 year old child…

  1. Better than the real thing 😉

  2. I think he needs a dog, yes a dog. But what breed? Maybe it should be…. wait for it….. a Melan-collie.

    • Strangely enough my friend was going to have a Collie called Melon and a sausage dog called The infinite sadness… she was also going to have a dog called Ray Mears so she could call him in woodland areas and he might come running and fashion a spoon out of his own shoe x

  3. Nice to see that you will never ever grow up hun….. I plan on being a big kid forever too, xxx

  4. That’s amazing… truly, truly, truly! Maybe you could make a girlfriend in a coma next. (“,) x

  5. Brilliant, Janey :)) Really cheered me up. Although I was far too old to appreciate Morrissey in his hey-day, I can salute him as a fellow Mancunian !!

  6. I’m so pleased you like him! He makes me very happy too…probably the best thing I’ve made in terms of how many times he’s made me giggle! x

  7. My better half looks fabulous. I wonder if he may like a hearing aid or a kitten?

  8. Hi Button. I would like to know if you sell the felt Morrissey doll. I think it’s pretty cute gift… so let me know, ok?

    • Hi there. I’m really glad you like felt Morrissey! To be honest I only really made him as a one off and spent a lot of time on him, but he was fun to make, so if you’d like one, please email me back and we can come up with a price/amount of detail and accessories etc xx

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