Things that fall: Snow and wobbly Buttons…

How busy the snow faeries have been! They have very kindly given us yet another day off! Unfortunately they have obviously worked so hard that they are now having a rest, which means I have to go to work tomorrow…biggest.of.booooos….I’ve become snow day greedy…

Yesterday was a fun day… plod plod plod through the snow to the shops to try and find bread… but the bread and milk locusts had been…people will panic….

The next part of our snowy adventures was a trek to the pub to watch Birmingham City v Aston Villa… City won, 2-1 Get in! A very unhappy Villa supporter grabbed his coat and stomped out as soon as the whistle went…only to have to stomp back in again and retrieve the hat he left behind… for the purposes of his more than likely only appearance in Buttonland we will call him Mr. Unfortunate

So, Team Snow made it to the pub again…or at least largely… Pickle, Reverend JC, Space Cowboy and Mrs Armitage all present and correct. The Sparklist had been out, but was kippy and needed to catch up on her sparkles… We all went back to Space Cowboy’s to get a little more drunk than perhaps some of us should have…I wonder who saw fit to put a newspaper down poor Space Cowboy’s toilet? Odd odd odd… A taxi home with Pickle and Mrs Armitage and safely back home… or so you would think… After all my worrying about the ice and how I might fall, I actually stacked it in my own home…down the stairs no less…from the very top to the very bottom, finding steps and banisters with my elbows and knees and then one quite large knock to the noggin… I have been completely off the pop all day…so far so good at staying upright…

Today I put the finishing touches to a project I have been working on for a few weeks… all will be revealed very soon… maybe even tomorrow! How exciting! For now I shall leave you with a leaving card I made for my friend….

Over and out x

2 responses to “Things that fall: Snow and wobbly Buttons…

  1. Moo Pa the bluenose was sad that the villa fan felt inclined to return to retrieve his hat then leave buttonland for the frozen wilderness . Although thats where his team is at the moment. On the subject of snow boarding down the stairs without snow or even a snowboard sounds risky and one shouldn’t try this at home. Still if you escaped without the use of elastoplast then you were extremely lucky or even unlucky if you look at it in a different light . Tell me did you bounce or just slide down if you bounced then you get 6.0 but if you slid then i’m afraid its just 5.9 and a silver in this years unofficial olympics xxxxxx

  2. Hello dearest Moo Pa… I’m glad your nose is blue and hasn’t turned bright red in the chilly wind! I’m almost afraid to say that I did get a 6.0… looking at the scrapes and bruises it looks like my top became my bottom became my top and then I landed! Don’t do things by halves do I? All is well though, I was a very lucky button indeed! xxxx

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