Snow day pay day hoo ray…

Both yesterday and today have been snow days…What an absolute treat.  Pickle was right when he pointed out how much he likes the sound of the world when it’s covered in snow… it is insulated and sounds nicer…..


We decided to build snowmen (it would be rather rude not to… it is a snow day after all) so we built a snow button and a snow pickle…


I also decided to build a snow-pac man….


Later that afternoon we decided a walk through the snow was needed and we trekked out to a pub for a glass of hot spiced cider…. It was lovely… we then trudged a short distance to the next pub, where we were happy to find the reverend JC, Fingerbobs and Space Cowboy.  Me and Space Cowboy had a whistle off, which was refereed by Fingerbobs.  It was a close match until Space Cowboy was given Tom Petty’s Won’t back down… not an easy song to whistle… I was much luckier with Nirvana’s Smells like teen spirit… Button Masher 1 Space Cowboy 0… I’m sure he’ll get me next time…

Our little merry band became all the merrier with the arrival of Colin, then The Sparklist and Ron Burgundy and their two charming friends… we drank and were cheerful and didn’t do as well at the quiz as we might have liked… but we did learn one or two facts… The first public Monorail was in Japan…. Flotsam is the stuff that floats after a shipwreck and jetsam is the stuff that sinks…

Everyday is a school day… (Except when it’s a snow day…)

3 responses to “Snow day pay day hoo ray…

  1. OOoh, soo excited by my first mention!!! How cool!x

  2. Single Malt Monkey

    Great to see you are having fun. Today (Thursday) is our first day of snow. I think the pub is a good idea.

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