Sunday dinner cake #2

I am deeply in love with weekends…  I miss them when they are gone and I look forward to seeing them again…My working week is like a not so bad ex… it has it’s good qualities but I’m still pleased when it’s out of the way….

The snow and ice here are both thick and the weekend allowed me to have the most glorious of duvet days on Sunday… It also afforded me the possibility of happy breakfast…

I did feel quite guilty when it came to bashing his head in…

I also have some delightful news for you!  The wonder that is Sunday dinner cake (See entry from October 17th 2010) has been recreated elsewhere in the country by Bunny B and Cotton Eye…Feast your eyes on Sunday dinner cake #2

It’s brilliant!  Pickle is hoping it will become the national dish…

Me and Pickle are already looking forward to Christmas day dinner… which should be a Christmas dinner cake… much the same really, but with little mash snowmen and broccoli trees on top… ohm nom nom….

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