Painting with light…

The night before last I went to Mr Rubik’s house for tea with Pickle. He was a most hospitable host and we had a lovely evening. The glasses of wine I enjoyed, good company and general change of scenery seem to have done the trick to brush away the ill blues… today I felt as light as the snow that fell upon me…

It also inspired me to save up for a very good camera… I took some pictures last weekend when me, Mrs Armitage and Lily Elf went to the seaside for Lily Elf’s birthday. It was such a lovely day… I had been so poorly and had hardly left the house… the sea air was such a tonic…. I took a few pictures, which although pretty, were quite difficult to take as my camera isn’t fancy at all… he’s just a little point and click… I’m still happy with them though, despite the wobble…


This is where we had our tea… the famous Magpie Café! But veggies beware…The chips are meaty!  I did enjoy a huge vegetarian cottage pie though… ohm nom nom… and we had free entertainment, kindly provided by a collapsed rambler… we think it was just a trick so he could jump the queue…  


Happy happy day beside the sea….

Other good things that happened today whilst landlocked:

• I completed The Star (Sheffield, not mucky booby Star) Sudoku

• Had a crisp in my packet of Walkers that was puffed out and full of air AND a large folded one

Good stuff

One response to “Painting with light…

  1. I want to click LIKE button please…
    Very excited about new camera action.
    Hurry Hurry saving those pennies! xxx

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