The slime hypothesis


Here is my suggested explanation to clarify my decision making processes.

How do I make a decision about two people/prioritise over an event clash etc ?

When trying to decide if I like one person more than another in relationships or whose birthday event I should attend if two events fall on the same day, I employ the slime hypothesis. 

How can you choose between two people? 

  • Person A you may have known for longer than person B because you went to school with Person A
  • Person B may make you laugh more than Person A because Person B is funnier than Person A
  • Person A may be easier to be with than Person B because Person B is a liability when drunk

There are too many factors to consider…

One simple consideration can solve this problem in one second….

The slime hypothesis

The slime hypothesis is a unique hypothetical situation which will allow you to make what may seem like a difficult and time consuming decision in a fraction of the time.


You have the two people you need to make a decision about, one to your left and one to your right.  Each has a large bucket of slime above their heads.  The bucket will be tipped in one second, giving you a chance to push one of them out of the way and save them from being covered in icky slime.  You will make the correct decision in a heartbeat.

Later reflection may lead you to believe you have made the wrong decision, but this will be bound up with guilt and obligation.  The slime hypothesis will give you a true gut reaction free from such considerations.


This is a testable statement, but you are advised to keep it as a concept/idea

2 responses to “The slime hypothesis

  1. This may just beat The Diceman as a way to live your life!

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