To absent to friends…

Today has been an ill day spent in bed…. Mostly coughing, often sleeping and having a few little online chats with friends of yesteryear… had forgotten how lovely some of you guys are and must make efforts to have you as nowadays friends.  Mr Red, Christina TV and The Trod on Chip all cheered me up no end, with daft chats that included fat ex’s, farts smelling like the seasons and reciting Half Man Half Biscuit lyrics… considering I’m aching all over (shivers down my backbone…) and giving myself a six pack style stomach from coughing so much (who needs Yogalates when you can just catch a cold?) It’s not been all bad…

For obvious reasons I haven’t created anything today… so here is a poem I wrote a little while ago…



On looking inside the book

The plot thickened

Between pages twenty two and twenty three

(About how old she’d be)

She held me with her eyes


I couldn’t pull myself away

Burnt into my memory

The sun that had tanned her shoulders

Had also be-freckled me


Also, here is a little felt gingerbread man that I made for my friend’s little boy when he was born…. Makes me want tea and a bikkie… might go and scratch that itch…

One response to “To absent to friends…

  1. Lo…he does not look quite as perfect, just very well loved now!

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