This is Halloween this is Halloween…

Well, what a holiday it has been… catching up with friends and catching up with sleep… I seem to have fallen behind again with both already though… so hard to find the time for the fun stuff sometimes…

Friday night was our little Halloween party which turned out to be lots of fun!  Highlights of the evening were nearly setting fire to our neighbour’s tree with one of Lilly Elf’s paper lanterns and Sibot getting a free beer in our local pub for having such a fantastic and flashy outfit.  It was nice to dance about with lovely people and consume my own weight in crisps and ale…. Ohm slurp ohm

This was our Halloween fireplace….

I made little felt pumpkins and ghosts to decorate the top of the fireplace…

We had lots of yummy noms….

Pickle made a splendid scarecrow…

And Sibot made such a good robot that the kind people behind the bar of our local decided his efforts were well worth a free pint!  Aces!

Dorothy, Scarecrow, Wicked Witch and Tin man in Oz…. aka Button, Pickle, Mrs Armitage and Sibot in the pub…

And here we all again, acting out more scenes from Oz…but this time Lilly elf joined us, dressed as a Halfbling!

I LOVE Halloween…. I’m looking forward to next year already

4 responses to “This is Halloween this is Halloween…

  1. Great decor, costumes – loving the blog! Just upset I missed out on the copious amounts of alcohol and food consumed…

  2. Janie
    Wonderful things you made. I might be commissioning you!
    Just wondered how the robot drank his free ale :))

  3. Great decor, costumes… Very jealous of copious amounts of food and drink consumed… Miss Cake is sad she missed out…

  4. Thank you! It would be lovely to make things out of felt for a living, I’m thinking of setting up an Etsy shop to run alongside this blog… I’ll post some pictures of my Half man half biscuit related felt projects soon for you to enjoy!
    Sibot unfortunately had to take both his head and his body off to drink his pint! At least it didn’t make him legless! (Unforgiveable dad joke, sorry!) xx

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