Just one day out of life… it has been, it has been so nice….

Today has been exactly what it should have been for the first full day of the holidays (I never count the weekends, we luckily get them anyway)…

Last night we got back late from Leeds after a very full and exciting weekend which included the following activities… Me and Mrs Armitage went to the Showroom to watch Ghostbusters on the big screen for our friend Ms Moz’s birthday.  It was brilliant!  I hadn’t remembered that our heroes smoked so much… now it’s mostly restricted to the bad guys. 

Then we had a few beers and some nibbles before we went on to have a very lovely meal overlooking the winter gardens.  It was so nice, but unfortunately we had to leave early (before pudding can you believe!) to catch a train to the next lot of birthday celebrations. 

We hot footed it to the station and met Pickle on the platform just in time to open a bottle and settle in as the train pulled away.  We then went onto Back to Basics to celebrate another of our friend’s birthdays.  Much sparkly-ness later and we ended up at Sibot’s house who thoroughly looked after us the next day.  He provided more food containing sugar and salt than you can shake a Twiglet at, and settled us on the couch to watch Toy Story 3… which was surprising brilliant… maybe it was just the mood I was in…

We got home that night quite late, but with enough time to make a little nest in our garden lounge, lined with big squishy sofa cushions, heavy blankets and our fluffy quilt.  Me and Pickle Tray snuggled up, ate pizza and potato salad and watched Stardust until we fell asleep…. Bliss

Which leads me onto today… I am still unwashed and in the nest and it is twelve minutes past five… I have done two loads of washing in between taking naps, knitting, stitching felt noses onto felt pumpkins and watching some bits and pieces… I watched Notes on a Scandal earlier (I cannot rate that film enough… and if you haven’t got around to reading the book yet I highly highly highly recommend it) and I’m half way through watching Dylan Moran’s What it is, which is also very good so far.  I love holidays and don’t really want to work ever again…would that be okay?

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