Fighting Ruben Wolfe

Yesterday was a day for a few drinks… some days are just like that and should be given into.  Me and Patty had a couple of jars, then later I met up with Pickle… we played the quizzer, got a taxi home and ate pizza whilst putting the world to rights… sterling stuff. 

Besides finishing off a few pints, I also finished reading Fighting Ruben Wolfe by Markus Zusak.  I was interested in reading this book as I enjoyed The Book Thief so much. 

Cameron and Ruben are brothers, in a family trying hard to make ends meet.  They are very ordinary boys, with the same kind of concerns and embarrassments as you’d expect at their age… but they have extraordinary abilities to fight and keep fighting… because in their lives, that’s all they have known.   It’s a tale about struggling, fighting, pride and family…. It’s about being beaten down, but getting back up again, literally in the ring, but also in other areas of life.  A nice quick read with multi-layered themes… I think I’ll put it on the school’s reader recommends board after half term.

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