Sunday dinner cake

First you need to make three large Yorkshire puddings, all of equal size in a round tin.  Use a traditional pouring batter recipe.

Cook up some leeks, shallots and sweet potato and use this to fill the first pudding. Then put the second pudding on top and fill that with veggie Quorn roast slices and stuffing (we used the same tin for the stuffing as we used for the puddings, so the disk of stuffing fit perfectly) You can add cranberry/apple sauce to this layer if want.  Then for the third and final pudding, rested on top of the other two…Fill him with broccoli or whatever other vegetables you like.

Next “ice” the whole thing with mash potato and edge it with carrot slices.

For the top pattern we used a swirl of sweet corn and peas, topped off with a cherry tomato.  Everything is cooked and cooled before construction.  Then we removed three pieces of the sweet corn from the top, inserted metal skewers all the way through him so the heat would travel down them and heat his middle…

He then went back in the oven.  We kept him in for about 15 or 20 minutes before removing him, replacing his sweet corn kernels and serving him up…He wasn’t super hot when we ate him, but the “custard” gravy warmed him up even more…

I’m not kidding, it was actually one of the nicest things I’ve ever eaten… it took ages or I’d make one every week.

We had a slice of Sunday dinner cake in two bits of bread and gravy the next day, it’s even nice cold…. I want a slice now……

ohm nom nom…

6 responses to “Sunday dinner cake

  1. This is the greatest dinner of all time

  2. This is incredible.
    Will plan to vegsnise it and give you photos and tastings of the results!


  3. Yes, please do let me know! It should be really easy to make vegan, most of it is already (soya milk in the mash etc.) the only thing that isn’t is the egg in the Yorkshire pudding batter and I used Quorn meat, but any vegan alternative would be just as yummy! xx

  4. I LOVE this dinner 🙂

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