Bad poetry, Oh noetry…

Luckily we didn’t have to worry about any bad poetry last night…me, Pickle Tray, Mrs Armitage, The Godfather and Reverend JC went to see Simon Armitage, Ann Sansom and Peter Sansom.  They were brilliant and inspiring… I really should write more poems… here is a small one…


Soufflé Love

I checked too soon

I should have waited

I opened the door

And we deflated


I like small poems.  Me and Pickle were discussing the virtues of short poetry after the readings.  They’re just so resourceful and handy.  All the words in short poems seem so much more urgent and essential.  I suppose I am fond of things that just get on with it… Here is an even shorter one…


New Love, New Love

Duncan, Duncan

So good I named him twice

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