Workshy ass axe

Mrs Armitage explained to me how she occasionally has a problem with her “cutter” which means that her poop comes out in one big bit instead of the much more manageable, dare I say, bite sized, bits that perhaps you and I are used to…. So around her birthday I decided to make her a “lazy chopper eco shopper” which she was most pleased with… you may see her in the Co-op with her special customised bag… do stop her and say hello, especially if you suffer from the same condition…

Please note the lovely long brown felt line between “lazy” and “chopper” … this is included for both aesthetic and informational purposes…     

More pictures and posts to follow… but fear not, none of my other creations have any reference to number twos…

2 responses to “Workshy ass axe

  1. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! I need to see this bag!!!

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