Stitching, bitching and Rich Coasting….

This weekend I got to hang out with We Can Knit More and it was lots of fun… we played with wedding invitations, knitting and felt Halloween decorations… none of which are finished, but expect pictures as soon as they are.  I also started work on Mrs Penis Penis’s Christmas present… I think it’s going to look aces!  Hopefully she’ll like it and it will fit and she’ll be able to sport it at the Half Man Half Biscuit gig in February… I can’t wait!

We had Mrs Armitage round for dinner on Sunday and watched Marcus Brigstocke and ate my favourite tea… butternut squash risotto and garlic bread… ohm nom nom… we also watched a TED talk about the happy planet index, which was hopeful and lovely and made me want to move to Costa Rica. 

They abolished their army in 1949 and have announced that they intend to become the first carbon neutral country by 2021… they are the greenest country in the world, they use a minimum of the world’s resources, whilst still maintaining a high quality of life…. I must get my passport renewed….

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